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Dr. Alejandro Serrano, D.C, MBMSc, MBBS, Physician's Assistant

Clinic Director

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Alejandro Serrano DC,MBMSc,MBBS, PA-C ( Medical School Graduate) Originally from Puerto Rico born in New York City is an Army/Navy Veteran has been trained in a vast number of jobs while serving during his 26 years of active duty. Dr. Serrano started working as a Clerk typist, Military Police, Army Combat Field medic, Physical therapy tech, Navy corpsmen, and Navy medical technologist and became Presidential Guard for President Ronald Reagan during his Presidency in Naval Hospital Bethesda Md. in 1986 and Norfolk Naval Hospital Va . But his upmost achievement was becoming a Medical Officer in the Navy as a Physician Assistant's and graduating from medical School.

Dr. Serrano has dedicated himself in his practice and studying the most advanced and most researched models of healing available in medicine and chiropractic. Dr. Serrano specialized in Orthopedics injury, Sport Medicine and Family Practice Medicine and he is proud to offer a broad range of services that reflect his chiropractic and medical knowledge and his interests in health care. Dr. Serrano continually challenges himself to bring the very best care and health strategies to his patients by taking a gentle, non-invasive, natural and holistic approach to health although his main doctrine is allopathic and by faithfully relying on the body’s inborn potential to heal.


  • Monserrat School of Medicine, Medical Doctorate/MBBS degree with honors in 2015
  • Monserrat School of Medicine, Masters of Biomedical Science with honors in 2015
  • George Washington University B.Sc and Physician’s Assistant Program. 1993
  • Life University Chiropractic Doctorate 2005
  • Triservice (US Navy) Military Physician’s Assistant Program 1993

Dr. Clara Picayo M.D.

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